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Peyton Cardigan Retest Application
A checkered, duo-toned, cropped cardigan



*The photos above are me in a size S. Although in the pattern, you're free to choose whichever size is your preference, I ask for the test, you choose your accurate size according to the sizing chart within the pattern.

This is an advanced beginner project to re-test the Peyton Cardigan! I have been recently updating a bunch of older patterns and since this one was never formally tested and I've done a lot of improving in my first full year of being a crochet pattern designer, I would really love to update this one and make sure everything is as good as can be! The testing window is going to be 4 weeks with the pattern release on the 5th week! Because it is with bulky yarn and it is cropped, it will work up super fast!  I would love to be able to release it sooner if we can however I am also open to extending it for those who need to (meaning, if you think you'll need more time, to request it in advance. If needed by multiple testers, we am more than willing to extend the test.) If you are chosen and are unable or unwilling to finish, PLEASE, out of courtesy to me, just let me know in advance (at least a week before the due date) that you are not going to finish. No reason is necessary, we truly understand we have our own lives and responsibilities (etc) going on. All we ask for is communication!

The ideal release date would be latest end of February so those who want to make this can have this for transitional weather and spring time! 

Usually I am all for customizations and choosing whichever size you would like but for the sake of the retest, I ask testers use their accurate sizing according to the chart to make sure that the sizing instructions are accurate! 

We are going to be requesting a lot of feedback through the testing and other things. By applying you agree to the requirements. This includes, but is not limited to:

- General writing/readability/typos/grammar
- Instruction accuracy and clarity.
- Yardage/grams of yarn used
- A public Instagram/Tiktok isn't required but a great plus so you can post about it and I get repost!
- Using the suggested yarn (not specifically the brand but the exact yarn size/weight) and hook sizes.
- In addition, you will be asked to take quality photos of your work in progress, finished product including a flat-lay and modeled on IN NATURAL LIGHTING, and thus will be okay with us potentially posting you on our public social media pages.
-Help advertise the upcoming pattern release! 

Materials needed: 
Weight 5 Bulky Yarn (I used two strands of Hobbii kind feather, so you can use a bulky yarn or double up on a light worsted weight that recommends a 4mm hook. If you want to use this exact yarn, I do have an affiliate link for the pattern here)

Please use two contrasting colors of yarn like the pattern!

6mm Hook

7mm Hook


St Markers

(50/50 for each of the two colors. I.e. if it says 1000 yds, it's about 500 in Color A and 500 in Color B)

Estimated Yarn (yards):

Base Color:

XS: 950 yds

S: 1000 yds

M: 1100 yds

L: 1150 yds

XL: 1350 yds

2XL: 1500 yds

3XL: 1700 yds

4XL: 1950 yds

5XL: 2200 yds

Apply to become a Tester
(please use the same info as you did for the general form, so I am able to cross reference)
Applications open from now through Friday, 1/13/23, 12pm est

Thank you for applying! We will get back to you by this weekend (1/21-22/23) via email.

This form no longer accepts submissions. Please sign up for our general testing form to be the first to know about the next test!

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