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As a lot of you know.. I am a Crocs girly through and through. They are comfy and fun and I truly believe can be super customizable to your personality. They have BECOME a personality trait.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

These links are referred to Affiliate Links with Crocs, meaning that if you purchase an item on these links, I can earn a small percentage of the sale!  The products I am recommending to you are items I have bought, used, tried, and LOVE myself. I would only recommend you products I truly enjoy and want you to enjoy as well.

By providing these links and with you clicking on them, this is another way of earning a small amount of income and thus it helps out, especially with things you may already be purchasing as recommended! So we thank you for checking out this page and if you choose to use these links to purchase we greatly appreciate it!

(or as i like to call it, my "fancy crocs")
(or as i like to call it, my "house crocs")
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