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Amazon Recommendations for Crocheters

Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer:

As you know, I love to share things I know and use with fellow crocheters to make your craft easier, better, and overall more wonderful than it already is! These links are referred to Amazon Affiliate Links, meaning that if you purchase an item on these links, I can earn a small percentage of the sale!

As items I am recommended to you, this means that these are all items I have used and tried (unless for some reason stated otherwise, perhaps it is on my wishlist or a dupe), and I would only recommend items I already LOVE!

By providing these links and with you clicking on them, this is another way of earning a small amount of income and thus it helps out, especially with things you may already be purchasing as recommended! So we thank you for checking out this page and if you choose to use these links to purchase we greatly appreciate it!

Crochet Tools

crochet necessities

Prym Ergonomic Hooks (pack):

packs of crochet hooks (one sizes 3.5-6mm and the other sizes 7-12mm) 

it states for wool, however we don't use wool and these are great for almost all our projects!

Prym 8mm Hook:

My favorite and most used hook because you already know me + chunky yarn is a match made in heaven! Plus this hook is just so much easier to use than so many other 8mm hooks I've tried and on acrylic it really is a dream.

Prym 7mm Hook:

Ditto to the above, except 7mm, which our patterns usually call for the two of these, one for the ribbing and one for the body! 

Prym 15mm Hook:

use this hook for jumbo yarn projects such as our Winzel tank!

Boye Crochet Hook Set:

If I'm not using Prym Hooks, I'm using these! The silicone handle makes it easier to hold and these are also a good and affordable starter set! Although I cannot say I recommend using the 8mm and 10mm hooks  (I will always use my Prym ones instead), the price for all of these is worth it. Certain acrylic yarns and yarns that split easily such as bamboo yarns and some cottons I prefer using the Boye Hooks for!

Aluminum Crochet Hook Set:

If you're looking for a more affordable set of crochet hooks, especially if you're just starting out, these are the ones to go to! This is what I got when I first started out and especially if you're a serial hobbiest like myself, it's a good starter set for when you're testing the new hobby waters (but i've seen a lot of people use their aluminum one as their forever set too!)

Collapsible Scissor Set:

I pretty much keep at least one scissor in every bag I regularly use, because being out of the house and crocheting and realizing you don't have a pair is... the worst. And also travel projects, of course. This pack comes with a bunch and is also collapsible so it's compact and safe!

Body Measure Tape:

This is a really sweet type of retractable body measuring tape because it has a LOCK PIN and and insert so you can hold it around your body! Seriously so cool for pattern designing and making.

Use code "REIDEA2040" for 20% off!

150 Stitch Markers with Case:

I lose and use stitch makers too often to not have a whole bunch neatly organized in a case.

Retractable Tape Measure:

I was sick and tired of just having a tape measure that I aways had to wrap up and i was using a tape measure around the house a lot.. so i thought to look this up and boom. perfect. now i can have a non messy tape measure everywhere i go and also these colors are so cute. 

Knitting Machine

48 Pin Knitting Machine:

For when I want to make quick beanies and attempt some knitted jumpers. It's a wonderful way to destash. I've only had it for a bit... but I love it and recommend to anyone who loves yarn and making things.

Wrist Protection

for my sweet crochet friends that go as hard as i do and now have broken wrists, unfortunately, this is what i use: 

TheraICE Soft Gel Ice Pack:

This is a really soft, comfy and flexible ice wrap that slips on! I got really tired of awkward ice packs on my wrists and this is one of the only things that will actually make me bear the cold to ice my wrists, WHICH YOU SHOULD DO after a long session of crocheting!! You can also heat this one up with a microwave, but I don't have one of those installed and I use a different heater instead!

*Note this is a size S/M

Wrist Heating Pad:

This is what I use to heat my wrists and hands which help sooth pain! Orthopedics say this is great for before crocheting and if I am being healthy, I will do this before crocheting and during breaks of crocheting to avoid any pain. There is also a 2 hour auto-off and auto power-off when it is overheated for all you forgetful types (like me).

Crochet Care

things to take care of your art! you spent so much time and effort making it, so might as well take the time and effort to keep it beautiful and perfect.

Soak Laundry Detergent:

This is what I use to handwash my items, especially with the more delicate fibers so it doesn't fray or split. I prefer the scentless one, but they do have some scents! This is a great detergent for knits and wool and because it is hypoallergenic and fragrance, phosphate, dye, and sulfate free, it is perfect for sensitive skin!

3-Tier Collapsible Drying Rack:

I'm usually not motivated to wash one item of clothing at a time, so when doing it in batches, this makes it easier to hang and dry (this is for more lighter pieces that don't need shaping when drying btw!) I tend to air dry about half of my clothes, not even just my crochet clothes, to increase longevity. AND it collapses for storing. So overall, a good thing for me to have at home.

Collapsible Dish Tub (9L):

I needed a basin to wash my clothing in that wouldn't take up too much space, and when I found this with a DRAIN (AND IN GREEN), I was sold. I also like to do my washing outside if I can, so this helps a TON.

Collapsible Tub (42L):

This is the basin I use to wash (see above) when I need to wash bigger items like sweaters and cardigans! The smaller one is great for smaller items (even a few of them at once), but it simply wont fit my chunky items!


things that aren't necessary for crochet but may make your life a little easier!

Yarn Ball Winder:

make your yarn into stackable cakes! Good for storing yarn but also good for yarn thats not the easiest to pull straight from the skein. Another great tip for using this is when you double up your yarn, to wind it 2-ply into a cake!

LED Neck Light:

I literally looked this up because my partner sleeps early and I don't want to stop crocheting because it's too dark and it's one of my favorite purchases for sure. I love crocheting all night and the dark isn't going to stop me!!

To-Go Yarn Holder Bag:

Um hello... walking and crocheting? Putting this in your bag to crochet on the go?  Need I say more? Yes I do. Because I also bring this to the beach so my yarn doesn't get sandy.  Or literally whenever I crochet outdoors.

My Brest Friend Pillow:

Yes this is a nursing pillow. No, I do not use it to nurse. I wanted a back support pillow, but this is the better version of that. I am using it to keep my posture while having proper support for my back and elbows when I crochet. Plus it has a handy pocket for my stuff so I don't loose my little accessories and hooks in my couch. Plus PLUS it buckles on (which is adjustable) so I could potentially stand with it LOL. 

Wooden Yarn Swift:

**You only need this if you are winding hanks of yarn!!

This is the yarn swift I use for my hanks! Most stores can also just do this for you, but I choose to use this so I can store my yarn as hanks until I'm ready to use it (which is better for the yarn, I hear) and so I can dye my own yarn. This is not the most sturdy swift, but it is affordable and gets the job done!


for organizing at home & on the go

Yarn Boss Travel Bag:

OBVIOUSLY I take my yarn and accessories and tools where ever I go and I got this bag for my birthday and its the best thing ever. There's a yarn divider for multiple projects (we all know we're working on too many at once), hook pockets in front along with other pockets for maximum organization.

Crochet Hook Case:

For times I'm not carrying my yarn bag, aka if I'm actually only carrying one project or if my projects are too big for my yarn bag I carry this! It has two compartments with so many spots for all your hooks and also pockets and mesh pockets with zippers for other tools. This is also probably good for storing your tools in general at home.

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