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where is my digital download/pattern?

All digital downloads will be sent to you after purchase via the email you provided. This will also be the online receipt containing the order details and order number. Scroll down to the product purchased and beside the photo of the product will be a download link. Please be sure to download and save immediately as the link will expire after 30 days.

Please note that if your payment is still pending, you may not receive the email right away. In this case, please allow about 24 hours after purchasing for the email. If the payment is still pending, contact your payment provider to ask about the pending charge.

why doesn't the link to my digital download work?

The download link for every digital item is only valid for 30 days. Please email us with your order number and we will send you a new link as soon as we can.

can i sell finished pieces from your patterns?

The short answer is it depends on the pattern. Please read the disclaimer in each and every pattern of ours for the policies regarding each pattern, as they differ every time.

can i accept commissions from your patterns?

Please see the last question. For the most part, the answer is almost always no, as we accept commissions for our own designs and as the originator of these designs, we would appreciate the sales being directed our way.

when will i get my order?

Unless stated otherwise, all of our crochet orders are handmade to order, meaning to make sure you get the perfect fit, we wait until the order is received to begin making the product. In each description of the item, there is an estimate of how long it will take for the garment to be made.

Once it is shipped, it will take about 3-5 business days to get to you with domestic standard shipping. Shipping times vary for other shipping options including priority and international.

See more info on shipping here.

who is heaven?

Heaven is my younger sister! Her and I (Jaida) have both always been into creative outlets, but we tend to like different things. That being said, she does NOT crochet, however,  she is working on some projects to come, so stay tuned for that!

can i return/exchange my order?

Please see our Return/Exchange policy here.

For digital downloads, we do not accept any refunds or exchanges.

what is "moon points?" how do i sign up?

Moon Points is our reward system! First, you need to have an account with Mrs Moon & Heaven. You can create one by clicking on the "Log In" button on the top right of the page. After that, you will be able to sign up for Moon Points!

With Moon Points, you get all sorts of rewards, including $5.00 off for every $100.00 you spend with us, birthday rewards, rewards for recommending us to your friends/followers, and more!

can i customize colors/sizing?

Yes! For sizing, fill out the notes when placing the order, but make sure you refer to sizing first (if applicable). If you're not sure about sizing, do not hesitate to contact us!

For colors, you may request different color combinations, but it depends on availability of yarn and what you request, but it definitely is a possibility!

do you do custom orders/commissions?

Yes! Depending on demand, we do accept custom order requests. That being said, there is no promise that we can accept your commission. If you are interested in requesting this, please fill out the form here.

what can i request? (in terms of custom orders)

We accept commissions for any of our designs! If you have an idea with inspiration based off of other garments, crochet or not, great! If it is something commonly done, such as a bralette, ask us! However, we will NOT accept requests of other people's work (the one exception being if it is a written pattern by someone that allows the sale of the finished product from the pattern). Please ask that artist if they are able to. Crochet is an art form, and like all art, it is not morally write to steal ideas from others. If you're not sure about something, you can always ask! If you have a bad feeling about something, you may be right. 

Please note, we have the right to refuse any commission, especially if it is not in our field of expertise or a similar style to what we do.

for any other questions or concerns, please contact us via email at or by filling out our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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