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How to: Stacked Single Crochet (stsc)

Why use a stsc?

A stacked single crochet is used in place of the 1st double crochet (dc) of the round, rather than doing a chain (ch) 3. The reason for this is because this creates a cleaner edge or round change as opposed to a ch 3, which leaves the edges a little wonky or sometimes leaves a gap in the ground when slip stitching (sl st) into the top of the ch 3. This is completely optional to do, however, I always recommend it for a cleaner looking garment.

How to stsc:

When starting a new round or row, do not ch 1 (turn if needed). Go straight into the 1st stitch (st) and place a single crochet (sc). There will be two loops that you pull through to create this sc. Put your hook through the 2nd loop from your hook and pull up another loop and finish a sc (by yarning over [yo] and pulling through both loops, thus stacking a sc on top of the 1st sc. This will count as your 1st dc.

June Bralette STSC.png
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