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Mommy Shirt
Calling to test our FIRST knit pattern!!!
This is going to be a made to measure raglan! Because of the writing on the top, it will be recommended to use DK-Bulky Yarn! I think you will be able to use Super Bulky, but
only for an oversized fit.
There will be different charts for the colorwork! This and the Measurement Calculator sheet will be the main points of testing.

This pattern does the math for you with the autofill excel sheet, so you don't have to do anything but measure OR you can do it by just measuring to your body!



This is a beginner - advanced beginner pattern! This is my first ever knit test piece, so I will need a lot of help! For this test in particular, I am looking for experienced knitting testers, since it is my first one! The pattern itself is a basic knit raglan, so the main help I will need with testing will be for the colorwork charts and the excel sheet. 
For the colorwork chart, there are going to be a few. There will be some for different sizes as well as for DK/Worsted weight yarn and Bulky Yarn. There will be detailed directions on how to choose your charts. Note: The shirt above is a bulky yarn with 8mm needles for a size XS. Hypothetically you could use bigger yarn, but that will result in a bigger shirt and bigger text.

Note: The smaller charts will be made for Worsted Weight yarn to have the same size text as the photos above. You may opt in to use DK weight yarn, but the text will be smaller. This could be a great style choice for you if this is what you prefer!

I am planning to have the measurement calculator will have a section to estimate how tall and wide your text will be with your gauge. 

For the colorwork, you can choose to do duplicate stitches, which is what I did, but for those who wish to knit the colorwork as you go, I am going to try my best to include the directions for that, since it may be confusing with a raglan working top down with increases.

There will be the option to use the calculator and how to measure it against your body/using your body measurements. As testers, I will ask you to use the calculator while also checking the instructions on measuring against your body and body measurements to make sure they both work!

There will be multiple files in this project. The first will be the main pattern. This will be longer version with photos and explanations of details such as formulas. The formulas are only there for you to understand the math behind it and if you are unable to use the Excel file/do not want to.  If i find that the formulas are too complex, I may not include them after all. The next will be a shorted version of the pattern which will only have the spots you need to fill with no photo details. This will be ideal for those who are already familiar pattern (meaning, you went through the long pattern once already and wanted to make more!). Then of course there will be each of the colorwork charts. The next parts of the pattern will be the Excel sheets! The excel sheets will be for you to enter all measurements and gauge swatch information. The sheet will then automate all the formulas, thus calculating everything you will need for your project. The sheet will have two tabs: one for the Imperial system (in/yds) and one for the Metric system (cm/m), so you can choose whichever is more familiar to you! If you are unable to use Excel, there will be instruction on how to upload it as a Google Sheet as well!! This way, it is accessible to everyone!

If you are chosen and are unable or unwilling to finish, PLEASE, out of courtesy to me, just let me know in advance (at least a week before the due date) that you are not going to finish. No reason is necessary, we truly understand we have our own lives and responsibilities (etc) going on. All we ask for is communication!

This will be a turnaround time of about 4 weeks with a couple extra days for you to turn in photos and feedback! Please only apply if this is enough time for you.

We are going to be requesting a lot of feedback through the testing and other things. By applying you agree to the requirements. This includes, but is not limited to:

- General writing/readability/typos/grammar
- Instruction accuracy and clarity.
- Yardage/grams of yarn used (vs the estimated amount needed from calculations)

-Review of the Measurement Calculator (The excel sheet)
- A public Instagram

-Tiktok isn't required but a great plus so you can post about it and I get to repost!
- In addition, you will be asked to take quality photos of your work in progress, finished product including a flat-lay and modeled on IN NATURAL LIGHTING, and thus will be okay with us potentially posting you on our public social media pages.
-Help advertise the upcoming pattern release! 

Materials needed: 
DK weight (Weight 3) to Bulky (weight 5) yarn

(2 colors. One primary color for the body and one secondary color for the ribbing and test)

Corresponding Needles for yarn (1mm smaller for ribbing if you prefer)

Darning Needle

Measuring Tape


There will be a formula for you to estimate how many grams/meters/yards you may need for your project, but it does require you making a swatch first of the yarn. It is going to vary greatly on your size yarn!

For mine, I had 3 skeins of 100g, 2 for the primary color and 1 for the secondary. I had a lot leftover of each color when I was done. 

I am going to guess for sizes XS-M, you will need 300g, 200 for primary, 100 for secondary. 

L-3XL, you will need 400g, 300 for primary 100 for secondary

4XL-5XL, 500g, 400 for primary... 100-150 for secondary?

But this is just my estimate! Upon being chosen even before given the pattern, I will give you the formula to estimate how much yarn you will need based on a gauge swatch!


Upon completion of the test, as a thank you, you will be compensated with a pattern of your choice!

Apply to become a Tester
(please use the same info as you did for the general form, so I am able to cross reference)
Applications open from now through Saturday, 5/20 12pm est
Which have you done before in knitwork? (Check all that apply)

Thank you for applying! We will get back to you by Monday night, 5/22  via email!

This form no longer accepts submissions. Please sign up for our general testing form to be the first to know about the next test!

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