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Coffee Cozies perfect for Iced Coffee Cups! These Pillow Cozies are made with scrap yarn from other cozies! Each one is one of one and unique from one another and each will be listed by number according to the photos shown. Unless stated otherwise, these are in Tall sizes. Ready to ship.




Save $5 when you spend $60 or more with code “5off60” aka when you buy 3 scrap pillow cozies or more at full price!✨ For domestic shipping, this will counter your shipping price and basically be free shipping (while still giving international customers a chance to save money as well). offer must be applied at checkout. price adjustments after purchase will not be honored.


Missed the drop? Scrap cozies are subject to availability (as the name implies, when we have enough scraps to make more cozies for a drop) and will be announced on our Instagram @mrsmoonheaven and email. Don’t miss out and subscribe to our email notifications to be the first to know about our Pillow Cozy drops!


These are available in both tall and short sizes, with the majority being the tall size. Each will fit most coffee sizes 12-32, however, keep in mind, the tall size fits most 16-32 oz comfortably, and the short would be best if you regularly get 12-16 oz coffees over the larger sizes (so choose based on your usual coffee order!).



Being that these are made with scraps, there may be minor imperfections within the cozy, including more open ends on the inside of the cozy and knots. These are typical in all crochet projects, especially with many colors, but it is more noticable with this yarn in particular because it is jumbo size and also a tube yarn (a fabric filled with cotton). The ends should not fray as they are burnt to prevent this, but check care details for more information.



46% Cotton, 32% Polyester

Thick and absorbant bungee cord material that will absorb condensation and protect hands from the iced beverage.

Available in four different colors: Black, Pink, Green (Bay Green), and Orchid Purple (a medium, purple, and Petrol Blue (and darker, less saturated blue). See the color icons for a similar color to what the cozy will look like (keep in mind that different screens/monitors may have slight color variations).

Made to fit most iced coffee cups and certain travel tumblers and cups (check measurement details), especially those from major coffee chains.


Handle made to assist in carrying cozy with hand inserted between handle and body. Do not hold coffee by only the handle.

All Cozies have a brown, faux-suede logo tag screwed on the front.


Please note photos may differ slightly in person due to different displays/monitors.


(Color chart photos courtesy of Hobbii Yarn)

Oh Scrap! Pillow Cozy

  • Wash in Cold Water

    Lay Flat to Dry

    Do Not Tumble Dry

    Do Not Bleach

    *On the inside of the cozy, you may see the end(s) of the yarn sticking out. This is normal! Do not pull it out, this is what keeps it secure. If it happens to stick out towards the front, you may stretch the cozy width wise so it goes back inside the stitches and possibly to the back, or push it to the inside of the cozy and cut the end slightly where it sticks out so it stays in the back. If it begins to fray, you may try carefully burning to ends or using a fray preventer. Do not pull the stuffing out. If you leave it alone, it will stay put.

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