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DISCLAIMER: This is a listing for a PATTERN of how to make a knit piece, NOT a physical product. You may sell finished pieces and commissions of this raglan only (see disclaimers of the colorwork charts of ours if you are using those with this pattern) with proper credit to Mrs Moon & Heaven.(see pattern disclaimer for specifics on the policy).  Redistribution, rewriting, sharing (both digitally or physically), and mass production is PROHIBITED.


This is a Made-To-Measure Knit Raglan Top pattern with a Measurement Calculator so you don't have to all the math while getting a garment perfect for you, your body, your yarn preferences and graphic preferences! The made-to-measure feature is an Excel Sheet (with instructions on how to save as a Google Sheet for those who do not have Microsoft Excel as well as a link to a view only copy).  #MrsMoonRaglanTee

This pattern may be used as the base for colorwork! See add-on's for the #MommyRaglanTee here which contain instructions for how to do both stranded colorwork and duplicate stitches along with multiple colorwork charts for different size tees and yarns and a seperate measurement calculator or just the colorwork charts which you can find here.


The perks of this being made-to-measure:

  • You can use multiple size yarns and hooks with your own gauge
  • Custom fit to your body and preferences!
  • You can make the top so many different ways each time you make one


This will be a download for a ZIP file containing multiple items:

  • A full version of the pattern with detailed instruction
  • The Measurement Calculator (An Excel File)


The PDF files are interactive PDF file, meaning there are links that will lead you to different pages within the PDF, links to web pages, and links to the pattern testers at in the final page! These usually will be underlined and blue, however there are some links that are not, mainly just the header (our site and social link). It is best viewed on iPads, but of course also work great on iPhones and Laptops! It can be printed as well, just keep in mind you will have to rescale to fit on the page correctly.


Difficulty Level: Advanced Beginner

US Knit Terminology



Yarn weight: DK Yarn (weight 3), Worsted Weight Yarn (weight 4), or Bulky Yarn (Weight 5)
Needle size will be dependent on your yarn and preference.
Tapestry/Darning Needle

Measuring Tape

Stitch Markers Markers

Waste Yarn or Extra Cords for holding stitches

This product is originally designed by Mrs Moon & Heaven, @mrsmoonheaven. Make sure to tag us in your finished garment when posting on socials!


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you encounter any issues with the pattern or if you have any questions, either through email at or Instagram @mrsmoonheaven (Please wait 1-5 business days for a response. Responses are typical for weekdays only.)


Please note that this is a pattern written by a human, so any mistakes/errors may be found! If this is the case, we would greatly appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we will promptly correct any errors. 


*Some images shown are of the Mommy Tee which use the Mrs Moon Raglan as the base pattern without the text).


Cover photo provided by @byheeju

Other photos (in order) by @thehauntedhooker, @amyknittingthings, @maliyaknits, @lankabyme, @bomstuh, and @aidanwellscrochet

Mrs Moon Raglan Tee Knit Pattern