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DISCLAIMER: This is a listing for the COLORWORK CHART SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS, NOT the full pattern OR physical product. Personal Use only. (see pattern disclaimer for specifics on the policy).  Redistribution, rewriting, sharing (both digitally or physically), and mass production is PROHIBITED.


This is a listing for a digital download for the PDF of CHART 2 ONLYand the corresponding Stitch Fiddle links for the "Don't Bother Mommy" text as seen in the Mommy Tee (see examples of chart 2 in the product photos. See the listing for the bundle of all four with photo examples here) . This download only contains the colorwork chart with limited direction on how to use it with the linked chart. Use this chart to add "Don't Bother Mommy" to whatever projects you may like such as other garments, pillows, totes/bags, and more!


You can purchase the bundle which contains all 4 sizes or you can purchase each one seperately with Chart 1 being the least amount of stitches x rows in the chart and Chart 4 being the most. Note that if you were to use the same yarn on each chart, the Chart 1 would be the smallest and thinnest whereas Chart 4 would be the biggest and thickest. Use your descretion based on project size, yarn size, and desired size of text when choosing your charts. View the 2nd photo in product images for an example of each chart on the Mommy Tee. *Note that when you buy the bundle, you save almost 50% as opposed to buying all seperately. Purchasing the Mommy Tee Pattern also saves you as opposed to buying the Mrs Moon Raglan Tee seperately as well. The Mommy Tee Pattern gives specific instructions on how to add this text to the tee with both stranded colorwork and duplicate stitch. 


Dimensions of each chart:

(sts = Stitches)

Chart 1: 29 sts x 24 rows 

Chart 2: 48 sts x 39 rows (this listing)

Chart 3: 74 sts x 59 rows

Chart 4: 74 x 59 rows


The PDF file is an interactive PDF file, meaning there are links that will lead you to different pages within the PDF, links to web pages, and links to the pattern testers at in the final page! These usually will be underlined and blue, however there are some links that are not, mainly just the header (our site and social link). It is best viewed on iPads, but of course also work great on iPhones and Laptops! It can be printed as well, just keep in mind you will have to rescale to fit on the page correctly.

This product is originally designed by Mrs Moon & Heaven, @mrsmoonheaven. Make sure to tag us in your finished garment when posting on socials!


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you encounter any issues with the pattern or if you have any questions, either through email at or Instagram @mrsmoonheaven (Please wait 1-5 business days for a response. Responses are typical for weekdays only.)


Please note that this is a pattern written by a human, so any mistakes/errors may be found! If this is the case, we would greatly appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we will promptly correct any errors. 


"Don't Bother Mommy" Colorwork CHART 2 ONLY

  • Due to the nature of this digital product, refunds are not accepted. Please read all disclaimers before purchasing. If you have a problem with your purchase, please reach out to us at

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