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THIS PATTERN IS AN ADD ON ONLY TO THE ADENA SHORT SLEEVE CARDIGAN/THE FULL SET. You will NOT be able to make this pattern without the original pattern. If you would like to buy the Short Sleeve Pattern, you may find that here. If you would like to buy the full set, you may find that here. By buying the set, you save a little over 20% rather than buying the cardigans seperately (which both contain the bralette by default)



DISCLAIMER: This is a listing for a PATTERN of how to make a crochet piece, NOT a physical product. This pattern is for personal use only.This pattern is not to be rewritten, redistributed, sold, or shared in part or in whole, electronically or physically. You must contact us first via email at before intent to sell. If granted, you are welcome to sell FINISHED projects from this pattern, but you must credit Mrs Moon & Heaven in the post with a statement and tag (i.e. “Pattern by Mrs Moon & Heaven,

@mrsmoonheaven). Please do not accept specific commissions for this pattern. We would appreciate you directing traffic to us as a small business!

Mass distribution of this product is prohibited.

By purchasing this pattern, which stated the terms of agreement in the description, available before purchasing, you agree to the terms. Anyone who violates these terms is subject to penalty.

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This is for a digital download for a PDF file add-on for a Modded Short Sleeve Adena Cardigan, graded for sizes XS-5XL, using the original pattern that wastested for sizes XS-2XL and 4XL.  The mods for this pattern make the cardigan extra cropped, adds on a new scalloped edging, and creates longer, more flowy sleeves.


The patterns are interactive PDF files, meaning there are links that will lead you to different pages within the PDF. These usually will be underlined and blue, however there are some links that are not, mainly just the header (our site and social link). It is best viewed on iPads, but of course also work great on iPhones and Laptops! It can be printed as well, just keep in mind you will have to rescale to fit on the page correctly.


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you encounter any issues with the pattern or if you have any questions, either through email at or Instagram @mrsmoonheaven. Tag us @mrsmoonheaven with your finished product when posting in the caption and photo.



Difficulty Level:  Advanced Beginner (Cardigan)

US Crochet Terminology

Materials:  6mm Hook (Cardigan)

Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn OR DK Yarn Doubled 


Tapestry/Darning Needle


This product is originally designed by Mrs Moon & Heaven, @mrsmoonheaven


Please note that this is a pattern written by a human, so any mistakes/errors may be found! If this is the case, we would greatly appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we will promptly correct any errors. 

ADD-ON Modded Short Sleeve Adena Cardigan


    For size XS with slightly flared sleeves, it takes me about 5-6 hours


    *As always, time will vary for each crocheter depending on general speed, tension, yarn weight, and size. This is just so you have an idea for how long it will take you, as I myself like to know before starting a project! For reference, I’m a slightly faster than average crocheter with loose tension.*

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