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**The Bralette shown is NOT an Adena cardigan but rather a freehanded cardigan made to go with it. They are listed seperately.


The Adena Cardigan is a meshy, front tie, cropped cardigan with beautiful, big, flared sleeves with a scalloped edge! 

The matching bralette is made to have less coverage in between each cup and goes over the shoulder, crosses on the back, and ties around the bottom of the bust. The scooped cups make it perfect to wear under the cardigan due to the shape both of them form together.


The Adena Cardigan listed uses the Adena Cardigan pattern with slight variations due to a difference in yarn size. This yarn is an acrylic cotton blend made from unspun yarn held together with gold nylon string, with beautiful texture and definition. The acrylic is a premium acrylic, so with the cotton it is super soft without the glitter from the gold being itchy! This is a more delicate piece not made for everyday wear and requires special care. Because of this, these pieces are sold at a more discounted price than what the Adena would usually be.** The description of the yarn does say it is machine washable, however I would recommend a handwash. Please view care instructions for more details on what we recommend as well as the yarn listing here for more complete details of the fiber. 


This yarn is a gorgeous white based yarn with splashes of color and this specific colorway creates a beautiful rainbow gradient! Much care was taken into the color changes when making the garment so that the complete rainbow would be displayed in the cardigan and bralette. 


Material Details:

49% Cotton

50% Premium Acrylic

1% Nylon


Model is 5'3 and wears a size XS.


This garment is an original design made by us using the Adena Cardigan Pattern, which is available for purchase here.


**Disclaimer: This yarn was gifted to me by Hobbii Yarn. It is a beautiful yarn that I genuienly enjoy the look and feel of as well as crocheting it, but I did not know it was delicate until after it was made, nor did I know the nature of unspun yarn. 


Rainbow Adena Cardigan and Bralette | Size XS

PriceFrom $35.00
  • Handwash in cold to warm water and lay flat to dry. 

    More comprehensive instructions: 

    View a tiktok tutorial here.

    1. Soak your garment in detergent for at least 15 min. We recommend a delicates one, especially one made for knit/wool garments, such as the brand "Soak" which you can find on our amazon finds affiliate list with other specifics I use for washing my garments.
    2. Drain and rinse off soap if necessary (the Soak detergent does not require this).
    3. Gently squeeze out excess water without wringing your garment.
    4. Place your garment on a towel bigger than your garment. Roll up the towel with your garment in it (like a burrito) and apply pressure to get excess water out.
    5. Lay your garment flat in the shape you desire. This can be on towels or a foam mat. (Personally, I lay out the garment on a dry towel). Leave until fully dry. 

    **Do not hang wet or dry! This can stretch out the stitches and make them mishapen.

  • SIZE X-SMALL (in.)

    Chest 28-30
    Back to Waist Length 16.5
    Cross Back (Shoulder to Shoulder) 14-14.5
    Waist 23-24
    Wrists 6.5-7


    Bralette will best fit sizes 32A, 32B, 32C, 34A, 34B. 

    It may fit those with a slightly larger cup size, with less coverage.

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