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Pillow Cozy Mini✨

Ready to ship, handmade, crocheted cozies for canned beverages (12 fl oz, short and tall cans). Keep your hands dry and comfortable while enjoying ice cold canned beverages this summer!


Save $5 when you spend $60 or more with code “5off60”✨ For domestic shipping, this will counter your shipping price and basically be free shipping (while still giving international customers a chance to save money as well). offer must be applied at checkout. price adjustments after purchase will not be honored.


Your cozies are ready to ship to you in 1-3 business days + shipping time! The quantity and colors will vary each week with it being announced the day of and will be dependent on what is made the week prior. Follow us on socials (Instagram and Tiktok @mrsmoonheaven) and subscribe to our email list to be the first to know about each shop update!



46% Cotton, 32% Polyester

Thick and absorbant bungee cord material that will absorb condensation and protect hands from the iced beverage.

Available in different colors: Black, Pink, Green, Purple (Orchid Purple), Yellow (Curry Yellow), Petrol Blue, Light Blue, Red. See the color icons for a similar color to what the cozy will look like (keep in mind that different screens/monitors may have slight color variations).

All Cozies have a brown, faux-suede logo tag screwed on the front. 


Pillow Cozy Mini

  • Wash in Cold Water

    Lay Flat to Dry

    Do Not Tumble Dry

    Do Not Bleach

    *On the inside of the cozy, you may see the end(s) of the yarn sticking out. This is normal! Do not pull it out, this is what keeps it secure. If it happens to stick out towards the front, you may push it to the inside of the cozy and cut the end slightly where it sticks out so it stays in the back.

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